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Name of synthesizer


Recommended computer requirments


Where to download?

Yamaha SYXG-50

4,31 MB

166 mHz MMX 16 MB RAM Win95

I think it's the best MIDI synthesizer, so that's why it takes 4 MB of space. The quality of sound is very high - 44100 Hz. Really, you wouldn't be sorry if you downloaded. This player is compatible with xg and gm formats.Trial version works only for 30 days, and good people made a crack! Read more about the synthesizer in Official homepage

The Globe WWW server - part I (1,56 MB) v2.1

part II (1,37 MB) - NeoTown WWW server

part III (1,38 MB)

Official site, newest version

I haven't tested this crack yet, but it should work, it's designed exactly for this version of player

Yamaha SYXG-20

2,3 MB

75 mHz 8 MB RAM Win95

Same as earlier mentioned only for slower computer. Sound quality: up to 22050 Hz. I think mono. Read more about it here - Official Homepage

The Globe WWW server

Official site, newest version

Crack (copy it to the same directory, where you have installed the player)

Virtual Sound Canvas 88

3,07 MB

166 mHz 16 MB RAM Win95

Pretty nice thing. My opinion is that this synthesizer is almost the same as Yamaha (sound quality a bit poorer), only it works a bit slower. Sound quality: 44100 Hz. Read more about it here - Official Homepage

VSC88 version 2.0
And crack:
Crack (copy it to windows directory) for version 1.0

Virtual Sound Canvas 55

2,1 MB

166 mHz 8 MB RAM Win95

Same as earlier mentioned only, it's sound quality is 22050 Hz. This one is for a bit slower computer. I even don't feel any difference between vsc88 and vsc55. You can read here about it

CrossWinds WWW server

Official FTP site

Another FTP server

Crack (copy it to windows directory)

Wingroove 0.9

1 MB

486 50 mHz 4 MB RAM Win95 / WinNT / Win3.1

Pretty nice, 'cos it works on slow computers and on WinNT. Sound quality: 44100 Hz. Actually, it's a trial version, but here's the serial number (look right). It's really a nice thing.

CrossWinds WWW server

Serial number of Wingroove

Timidity 0.9g

100-200 kb

150 mHz 8 MB RAM DOS / Win95 / WinNT / Win3.1

Good thing. Works on plenty of OS'es. No need to register. There are two versions: Windows and DOS. Both require GUS patches. Sound quality of GUS patches - about 32000 Hz. There are some problems using the windows player on WinNT, but it's really the best synthesizer for WinNT. Read more about it here - official homepage

DOS version 0.9g
Windows version 0.9g

GUS patches (neither Timidity nor Cubic player works without them)
I part (1 MB) ir II part (1 MB)
III part (1 MB kb) ir IV part (1 MB)
V part (0,9 MB)

These are not files, these are folders (files existing there are splitted):
Some Europe ftp server

NovaStation Midi Software Synthesizer

5,7 MB

Pentium/ Win95

The Best Midi Software Synthesizer in the world. Upgrade your Pentium PC sound card to 676 instruments. here - Official Homepage

Oficial site, newest version


1,8 MB

Win 95/98

Makes it possible for computers to playback MIDI data with higher sound quality than ever before without a dedicated hardware MIDI tone generator. Jet-MIDI provides state-of-the-art wavetable emulation, allowing concert-quality MIDI sound through as small as a 16-bit soundcard. Neophytes will find that Jet-MIDI is extremely simple and logical to understand, while more advanced users will love Jet-MIDI's flexibility, power, and utility. here - Official Homepage

Official FTP site

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