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It's not just about polygons. It's about quality, fill-rate, and cost! Most PC graphics chips try to be all things to all people. But for games, great performance isn't about WinBench or how fast a spreadsheet scrolls.

Mind-blowing game play comes from interactivity and visual realism, and today's graphics hardware has got to do both. If you've played Descent or NASCAR, you've seen the state-of-the-art in software-only 3D texture mapping. But to render complex scenes at 30+ Hz, 640 x 480 double buffered, in 64k dithered colors without blocky textures and texture aliasing, software-only solutions just aren't enough! Next-generation games need 3D graphics hardware that delivers perspective corrected, Z-buffered, LOD MIP mapped, bi-linear or advanced filtered textures in real time - and that's just for starters. For even greater realism, the coolest games deserve special effects: per-pixel fog, translucency, transparency, and texture compositing, animation and morphing. So if you've dreamed of having an SGI Reality Engine in your PC but haven't yet won the lottery, check out Voodoo Graphics from 3Dfx Interactive.

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