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Voodoo2 is the next generation of Voodoo Graphics. It is a full- screen 3D-only solution that will use an external pass-through cable to connect to your computer's existing video card. Voodoo2 is designed for the serious game player who demands the highest performance for games. In addition, two Voodoo2 cards of the same type can be connected together to accelerate the next generation of games.

Voodoo2 is an expandable architecture with a base configuration of a 192-bit memory architecture and 2.2 Gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth, delivering over 50 BOPS (Billions of Operations per Second). This configuration delivers an incredible 3 million triangles per second and 90 million dual-textured, bilinear-filtered, per-pixel MIP-mapped, alpha-blended, Z-buffered pixels per second, over three times the performance of the current Voodoo Graphics.

For information regarding performance and general support, check out the Voodoo2 Support Guide & Frequently Asked Questions

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