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Product Overview


Integrated 3D Video/Graphics Accelerators

High-Performance Integrated 2D/3D Graphics

and Video Accelerators

64-bit 2D/3D graphics engine

Integrated 170 MHz RAMDAC and clock


S3 Streams Processor technology

Pin and software compatible solutions

ViRGE/GX accelerator supports SDRAM/


accelerator supports EDO DRAM memory

Improved S3d Graphics Engine Performance

High performance 2D acceleration

Flat and Gouraud shading for 3D

High quality 3D texture mapping

Perspective correction with a parallel

processing perspective engine

Bi-linear and tri-linear texture filtering

using S3’s new SmartFilter technology


Depth cueing, fogging, alpha blending

Video texture mapping


Improved S3 Streams Processor Features

Supports on-the-fly stretching and blending

of primary RGB stream and RGB or YUV

(video) secondary stream

Each stream can have different color depths

High-quality video playback with horizontal

and vertical interpolation

Support for Indeo, Cinepak, and software

and hardware-accelerated MPEG-1 video

Brightness, hue, saturation controls

Glueless PCI 2.1 Local Bus Support

PCI Bus Mastering for Display List Processing

and Video Capture Support

High-Performance Memory Support

64-bit 1-cycle EDO DRAM & SDRAM/SGRAM

memory interface

1-, 2- and 4-MByte EDO DRAM and

SDRAM/SGRAM video memory

Improved S3 Scenic Highway Interface

Industry standard video digitizers and S3

Scenic/MX2 MPEG-1 audio/video decoder

Odd/even field detection

Improved horizontal decimation

Other Multimedia Support Hooks



C serial communications bus

8-bit bi-directional feature connector

Non-x86 CPU Support

Big endian/little endian byte ordering

Relocatable addressing

Full Software Support

Drivers for major operating systems and

APIs: [Windows 95, Windows 3.11, Windows

NT, OS/2 2.1 and 3.0 (Warp), Direct 3D,

BRender, RenderWare, OpenGL]

Popular games supported with 3D


ISV and marketing programs to ensure

abundant title support

Software fully backwards compatible with

ViRGE. Enhanced software available for

enhanced ViRGE/DX & GX features.

Green PC/Monitor Plug and Play Support

Full hardware and BIOS support for VESA

Display Power Management Signaling

(DPMS) monitor power savings modes

DDC monitor communications

Extensive Static/Dynamic Power Management

Industry-Standard 208-pin PQFP package

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