Q6: Why "Red Alert" can't work on SiS VGA 62x5 ?
A: If you run into this problem, we recommend that:
       a. Please update your 62x5 VGA drivers if you the version you have is before version 1.15 .
           (since "Red Alert" need DirectX 3).
       b. Please re-install 62x5 VGA drivers again, because it may be overlay by other driver (the
           part related to Direct X).
       c. Please check your sound card, does it support DirectSound or not.

Q7: Does SiS VGA support drivers for Linux/Unix ?
A: Linux (X-windows) haven't support SiS 62x5 series now.
     But SiS VGA chipset is based on the VESA 1.x  and 2.x specification.  So,  you can use the VESA VGA driver or standard VGA provided by Linux/Unix.  We had passed datasheets and programming guides of  our products SiS 5598(5597), SiS 5596, SiS 5591, SiS 6205 to XFree86.org for their reference to write drivers for VGA vendors.

Q8: Does SIS 6205 support Microsoft Direct x?
A: SiS 6205 does support DirectX2/X3 and it works fine with
     "Red Alert". If you encounter problem on it,do that :
     a) Update 6205 vga driver if the version is too old (since Direct X still under develping).
         Download the newest version via SiS Web-site, address:
     b) re-install 6205 VGA driver,It may be overlay by other driver (the part about Direct X)
     c) check other device that support Direct X.
         (example: the soundcard/joystick support Direct X or not)
         The files on Web-site are Selft-decompress files, please decompress to the 1.44MB
         diskette. If there is one formated
         1.44MB diskette in "A:", please type:  A:>filename or C:>filename a:
         You will get the diskette with the drivers. Then please
          follow the Win95 standard procedure to update VGA driver.
Q9: Does SiS 6205/6215/6205 support DirectX ?
A:  Yes, SiS 62x5 support DirectX.
      If you encounter related problem, please follow the following procedure:
      a) Update SiS 62x5 vga drivers if the version is too old (since DirectX are still developing).
          Please download the newest version via SiS Web Site Driver Page.
      b) Please re-install 62x5 VGA drivers again, because it may be overlay by other driver (the
          part about Direct X)
      c) Please check other devices, do they support Direct X or not. (For example: does your
          soundcard support DirectSound or not)

Q10: How can I get the VESA 2.0 driver for DOS ?

A:  Now we have Vesa 2.0 driver and DirectX Link on SiS Web Site Driver Page.
       So, please download it from our drivers page and thanks for your patronage on the SiS

Q12.SiS 6202 Vedio Card and DirectX3 application
SiS 85C201/6202 were designed in early 1993, but the DirectX was announced by Microsoft in 1996. Therefore, we could only build in hardware accelerator to support directX in later SiS' VGA related products, such like SiS 6205/6225/6215 and of course 6326, the most powerful 2D/3D 5-in-1 VGA/Video accelerator single chip from SiS, except 85C201 and nor 6202.       DirectX is ne sub-system of Windows. After the installation on the system, the DirectX will detect whether if the system has the hardware accelerator whenever S/W application program calls the system API, to decide either execute it by hardware accelerator, or by pure S/W API which will cause lower performance but without any compatibility issue. Most of the software vendors provide these two alternatives to the end users for fulfilling their backward-compatible obligation. Unfortunately, some game titles request H/W DirectX capability as the default requirement to the VGA chip, they just direct connect to H/W HAL. This is the root cause for frustrating so many end user who has earlier VGA chip on the system. SiS will provide a S/W DirectX emulation program in August this year attached on 86C201/6202 driver, to service our customers to enjoy this kinds of games but without any extra expense.

Q17: How can I get the TV-OUT function of SiS6326 or SiS6326DVD? 
A:  1. SiS6326 and SiS6326DVD support both NTSC and PAL system. You have to select the one which matches your TV system. In general, it is controlled by a jumper on the VGA card. It is suggested to check out your user manual for the setting. If there is no this kind of information in the manual, you have to contact the card maker for that.  Due to the fact that SiS produces VGA chips    but does not produce VGA cards. We have no idea how the circuit of your card was designed. 

2. Connect SiS 6326 with a TV by either a S connector or an AV connector.

3. Boot the Win95\98 system up then you will find out the tap SiS TV-OUT under Display roperties. Choose the display mode to VGA+TV or TV Only then you can get the TV-OUT.

Q18: Why does my SiS6326 AGP card conflict with PCI to PCI birdge in Win95?  

A: Due to that Win95 does not fully support AGP function, the VGART is regarded as a virtual PCI device to cause the conflict. This problem has been fixed in Win98.   Because the conflict won't affect a normal operation,  please don't worry about it.
Q19: What's APS and how DVD copy protection - macrovision works?
A: APS stands for "Analog Protection System".  APS is to control analog copying from digital transmission or digital copies of linear motion pictures.  Macrovision has developed the APS technology designed to distort the unauthorized VCR copying made from DVD programs.  When the DVD disc is played back, the encoded trigger bit in a disc activate a macrovision-enabled digital analog chip inside SiS6326DVD and then applies copy protection to the analog output of the DVD player.  As a result, a recording made on such an analog video cassette recorder from an input signal that include macrovision-enabled APS signals, whten played back will display an image that appears severely dim or distorted..

Q20:  How can I install Win95 driver of SiS6215/6205/6202/6201?

A: SiS Video Driver Installation Procedure for Windows 95 (SiS 6202 is taken as an example.)           1. The files on SiS web-site are self-decompress files. Please download the driver which matches the type of your VGA chip to a temporary directory then execute it to decompress.  For example, C:\temp\202123-3 <Enter>                                                                                                             or decompress to a 1.44MB diskette. If there is one formatted 1.44MB blank diskette in "A:",  please type: A:>filename  or  C:>filename a: You will get the diskette with the driver.

2. Select "My Computer"=>"Control Panel"=>"Display"

3. Under screen "Display Properties", select "Settings", then select "Advanced Properties".

4. Under screen "Advanced Display Properties", select "Adapter" then select "Change".

5. Under screen "Select Device", select "Have Disk".

6. Under screen "Install From Disk", select "Browse".

7. Under screen "Open", give the path (eg. C:\ temp\WIN95) of the decompressed driver then click "OK".

8. Back to screen "Install From Disk" click "OK".

9. Back to screen "Select Device" with "SiS6202" appeared, click "OK". Windows95 will perform driver installation automatically.

10. After installation completed, click "Close" under screen "Advanced Display Properties".

11. Back to screen "Display Properties", click "Close".

12. Windows will ask to restart system, click "Yes".

13. After restarting, Windows 95 will run on 640X480X256 color with 60NI.