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  PERMEDIA 2 Features and Benefits

Optimized for professional, business and consumer applications
- PCI and AGP interface
- Highly pipelined 2D/3D graphics core
- Integral 230 MHz RAMDAC
- MPEG2 video playback acceleration
- VideoStreams bus for simultaneous external video I/O
- Integral SVGA
- 64-bit SDRAM or SGRAM
- 2, 4, 6 or 8 Mbytes

High performance, professional 2D and 3D rendering
- 100+ WinMarks
- 1 Million 3D polygons/sec - textured
- 83 Million pixels/sec
- textured, bilinear filtered, perspective
- 42 Million pixels/sec
- textured, bilinear filtered, perspective, Z

2D and Video graphics features
- High resolution, high color ergonomic refresh rates
- Smooth MPEG-2 video playback
- Packed 8, 16, 24 and 32-bit acceleration
- Multi-monitor support

Fully featured 3D acceleration
- Highly pipelined 3D graphics core
- Integrated geometry set-up processor
- OpenGL and Direct3D compatible
- 8-bit to 32-bit 3D
- 16-bit Z-buffer

Optimized reference software drivers
- Windows NT and Windows 95
- OpenGL 1.1, Direct3D and Heidi
- DirectDraw and DirectVideo

Reference board designs

Pervasive 3D Graphics


  Technical Characteristics

2D Graphics Features

Video Features

3D Graphics Rendering Features

3D Geometry Setup Unit

3D Texture Mapping Features

Integral SVGA

PCI Interface

AGP Interface

Memory Interface

Memory Architecture

VideoStreams Interface


Monitor and Power Management

Package Details

High Quality Reference Drivers

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