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Next Generation 3D/2D Graphics Chips on the horizon (Ind). Covering 3Dfx Voodoo3, nVidia TNT 2, Matrox G300, 3Dlabs Permedia 3, and more.

Today's 3D/2D Graphics Chips, (Ind) including 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee, Matrox G200/100, nVidia RIVA TNT, Intel740, S3 Savage3D, ATi Rage 128, Number Nine T2R IV, SiS6326, Trident 9850.

3D Graphics Accelerator Chips from A-Z (legacy) (Ind), covered 3Dfx Voodoo/Rush, ATi Rage II/Pro, nVidia RIVA 128/ZX, S3 ViRGE/xx, Rendition Verite, Matrox Mystique, #9 T2R, NEC PowerVR, and more.

Intel Celeron 300A  VS  AMD K6-2 400 (Ind).

3D Facts S3 ViRGE family graphics chips (Ind). Play 3D on ViRGE? Why is it look sooo bad? What ViRGE can do and what it can't do.

Driving, Tuning and Overclocking S3 ViRGE family graphics chips (Ind). Some tips & tricks to increase ViRGE performance.

Problems with graphics accelerator based on chipset from SiS (Ind), including SiS6202, SiS6205, SiS6215.

Coming up: Overclocking socketed and slotted CPU.


11/1-1999 Intel announces new brand name: Pentium III and Pentium III Xeon, which previously known as Katmai. Approximate release date of Pentium III -> 28 Feb/1 Mar '99.

1-1999 New Intel 440ZX chipsets for socketed Celeron.

5/1-1999 New Intel Celeron is out! in Socket-370 and slot 1 version at speed 366MHz and soon 400MHz (both 66MHz FSB).

1-1999 AMD K6-3 might be out to consumer in no earlier than April 1999.

Sharky Extreme Weekly CPU prices
Need help?
Send comments, questions, suggestions to me, I'll be very happy to help you, but on some advertising to help me out, would you?
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Hot Link List

  • Tom's Hardware Guide (this is #1 source of computer hardware news, unbiased review, overclocking guide & tips, etc)
  • Sharky Extreme (Gamer's hardware review, hot games review, weekly CPU prices, games and utilities download and many more)
  • Anand Tech (One of trio cool h/w reviewer: Anand, Sharky, and Tom. This site contain reviews of various new hardware)
  • Thresh's FiringSquad (killer gaming h/w and games review by Dennis "Thresh" Fong, PGL Q2 winner)
  • FastGraphics (Review and benchmarking various graphics chips and cards, dedicated only for graphics)
  • System optimization Page (explore it !! you'll find many useful utilities to tweak your system)
  • S3 Planet (You are desperate S3 ViRGE user?? You can't feel the power of Quake II, GLQuake, Hexen II, try this link! everything on S3 here)
  • Dimension 3D (Links to many "alternative" sites for various graphics chips)
  • Intel Owner's Club (Whether you're Intel CPU/graphics owner or not, this site is cool, lots of info not only on Intel but new games and others too)
  • ZDnet (a large collection of utilities, news, reviews found here)
  • PC Magazine (best comp. magazine I've ever seen)
  • c't Magazine (it's German comp. magazine partially translated to English, full with many interesting tech article that you will not find elsewhere in U.S.)

I will try to add as much as possible useful links to hardware review, news, enhancement tools and utilities, but for now I've pick several links, these are my favorites. Not enough? try my bookmarks !

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Jobs wanted

Dear potential employers,
I would like to do anything related to computer hardware and a little programming for a living so if you are interested in offering me a technician/tech support/network support/comp. assembler/programmer/web designer position, please contact me.
CV and other documents are available upon request.

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