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Full Feature AGP 2X Implementation
Sustained 3D Performance

1.1 M Triangles/Second Peak

425-500K Triangles/Second
Full Featured (>140 Pixel Triangles)

45-55 M Pixels/Second
Full Featured (>140 Pixel Triangles)

3D Visual Enhancements

Flat and Gouraud Shading

MIP-Mapping with Bilinear Filtering
—Eleven Levels of Detail

Color Alpha Blending for Transparency

Real-Time Texture Paging
and Video Texturing

Fogging and Atmospheric Effects

Specular Lighting

Edge Anti-Aliasing

Stippling or "Screen Door" Transparency

Backface Culling

Z Buffering

3D Graphics Texturing Enhancements

Per Pixel Perspective Correct
Texture Mapping

Texture Sizes from 1 x 1 to
1024 x 1024 Pixels Rectangle
or Square

Texture Formats
—Palletized 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-bit
—RGBA 1555, 565, 4444
—Compressed 4:2:2, 555, 1544

Texture Color Keying

Texture Chroma Keying

Integrated Hardware Palette

Supported Display Modes
1600x1200 256 70-75 Hz
1280x1024 256,64K 75-85 Hz
1024x768 256,64K,16M 70-85 Hz
800x600 256,64K,16M 70-85 Hz
640x480 256,64K,16M 70-85 Hz


Balanced Video Architecture

Full-Screen, Full-Frame Rate
Video Acceleration

Low-Cost Software DVD
—24fps+ Hollywood content

Supports Hardware DVD
—Glueless Interface to
MPEGII Decoders

Full Bi-Directional VMI CCIR601
Video Port

Supports TV Out
—Bt 869*
—Glueless Digital Interface

Supports TV In
—Bt 829*

Supports Video Capture

Video Conferencing Support

Intercast® and VBI Support

 OS and Driver Support

DirectX* 5.0



 Full AGP Support

Windows* 95

Windows NT* 4.0

Windows* 98

Windows NT* 5.0

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