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Matrox is ushering in the next wave of high performance graphics technology with their new flagship graphics chip, the MGA-G200. Shattering all previous records, MGA-G200 surpasses Matrox's prior benchmark leading 2D performance to once again become the industry leader. MGA-G200 also has an advanced new 3D rendering and set-up engine to accelerate Direct3D, OpenGL and 3D games with superior image quality making it the first chip to blend superior performance in every application area without compromise. In addition, it provides full AGP 2X support and support for up to 16 MB of high speed memory.

"This no compromise next-gen architecture (MGA-G200) promises to pack a sledgehammer combo of 2D and 3D performance that could leave Voodoo2 face down in the dirt," Bootnet.

Benchmark winning 2D performance
If you thought Matrox couldn't top themselves in the 2D world, think again. MGA-G200's unique 128-bit DualBus architecture outperforms traditional 128-bit bus designs and previous 64-bit designs. It does this by using two independent 64-bit buses (instead of one 128-bit bus) that operate in parallel inside the chip to double the overall raw performance of most 2D operations, even at the most demanding resolutions and color depths. Results from Ziff-Davis' Business Graphics WinMark 98 show the MGA-G200 equipped with 8 MB of SGRAM achieves a score of more than 200 million WinMarks at 1280 x 1024 at 24-bit under Windows 95. At this performance level, the MGA-G200 is faster in 24-bit true color than its competitors running the same test in 16-bit, making it the fastest 2D accelerator in the world.

Along with its speed, comes uncompromising display quality. MGA-G200 is equipped with an integrated 230/250 RAMDAC for superior display quality, even at the most demanding resolutions and color depths. This makes it the best choice for users with large screen monitors who want high refresh rates to eliminate annoying screen flicker.

New 3D rendering and set-up engine for superior 3D acceleration
If you want to turn your PC into a mass of 3D effects, crystal clear graphics and awesome speed, you've come to the right place. MGA-G200 has a powerful new 3D rendering and set-up engine that offers world-class 3D acceleration with superior image quality for applications like CAD, 3D design and 3D gaming. Plus, it accelerates Direct3D, OpenGL and Quake II-based games for real-time responsiveness. MGA-G200 also supports all 3D special effects in hardware including: bilinear and trilinear flitering, alpha blending, specular highlighting, fogging and anti-aliasing.

"When I first saw colored lighting in Quake II on a 3DFx my jaw dropped, when I saw it on the G200 in Forsaken my jaw dropped hitting the desk which promptly broke in two. It's a combination of the clarity, the richness of the colors and the speed that just makes it look so much better," reported the Matrox Users Resource Center, an independent site for Matrox customers.

MGA-G200's new Vibrant Color Quality rendering feature delivers sharp contrasts and highly saturated colors for rendering maximum photo-realism. Plus, it incorporates 32-bit true color at 1280 x 1024 resolution for increased image detail.

High quality video engine
MGA-G200 has a high quality, high performance video scaling engine with both front-end and back-end scaler so users get full screen, full motion playback of software MPEG-1 and DVD (MPEG-2) video. Video cards based on the MGA-G200 chip will also be upgradeable with a DVD video daughter card for hardware DVD acceleration for the highest quality playback.

Support for DirectX 6.0, Windows 98 and NT 5.0
The introduction of DirectX 6.0 and the new Windows 98 and NT 5.0 operating systems will bring a new set of features to the PC. MGA-G200 is equipped to fully exploit them and deliver the highest level of satisfaction to users.

New products based on the MGA-G200 promise to deliver an unbeatable combination of 2D, 3D and video never found before in a single product. So if you're a 2D professional with a penchant for raiding tombs or the only gamer in a house full of 2D users, time to call a truce. MGA-G200 based products will offer uncompromising high performance in all areas, no matter what.

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