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Rendition Vérité V1000 Product Brief

Rendition Vérité Graphics Processor

The premier single-chip solution for high-performance, flexible 3D and 2D graphics that provides striking image quality, real-time interaction, and unprecedented realism.

High Performance

Superior Image Quality

Broad Industry Endorsements

A Highly Integrated PC Solution

Combined RISC Core and Pixel Pipeline

Optimized Memory Controller

Advanced Rendering Features

Support for 2D GUI and Multimedia Acceleration

VGA Compatibility

Technical Specifications


All performance specifications assume perspective correct, sub-pixel accurate, Gouraud shaded, bilinear filtered, MIP mapped, 25 pixel random oriented right triangles displayed in a 640 x 480 16-bit color depth frame buffer. * This specification is cited only as a comparison to competitors whose products cannot do full sub-pixel correct triangle setup.

3D Rendering Features

Texture Mapping

2D Features

Memory Architecture

Digital Video Acceleration

Display Interface

Software Support

*Via Direct3D

Hardware Support

Specifications are subject to change without notice. The information in this document may be superseded by subsequent documents.  


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