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Workstation Class / Arcade Level 3D Accelerator


The ATI RAGE PRO TURBO is a highly integrated 64 bit graphics accelerator with superior support for 3D and motion video, making it ideal for multimedia PCs and workstations.

ATI RAGE PRO TURBO incorporates comprehensive support for Intel’s Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) including 1X or 2X mode and Sideband Addressing. RAGE PRO TURBO supports AGP Texturing (Execute mode), which offers superior performance to the Local Texturing (DMA mode) used in competing solutions.

The RAGE PRO TURBO delivers superior 3D acceleration and comprehensive 3D support including support for true color (32bpp) rendering, a triangle set-up engine, single-pass trilinear filtering, six perspectively correct texturing modes, video texturing, Gouraud and specular shading, texture compositing and a host of other 3D special effects.

The RAGE PRO TURBO includes motion video enhancements and TV-out support via the ImpacTV2 companion chip, enabling ‘Broadcast PC’ systems. Multiple options are available for MPEG-2 and DVD support: in software with ATI’s MPEG-2 motion compensation circuitry, or using the ATI-DVD card or module through the ATI Multimedia Channel (AMC). 


System Requirements
PCI version requires Intel or compatible Pentium/Pro/II with PCI slot. AGP version requires Intel or compatible Pentium II with AGP slot

Graphics Controller
ATI 3D RAGE PRO, a high performance 64bit graphics accelerator with superior support for 3D, 2D and motion video; includes integrated setup engine, on-chip texture cache, hardware assisted MPEG-2 acceleration and scaling, and integrated 230MHz DAC.

Operating Systems Supported

Display Supported

Memory Configurations


Add powerful, yet affordable options, including ATI-TV, the intelligent tuner and video capture option, or future enhancements such as ATI-DVD for MPEG-2.



2D Display Modes:
Resolutions, Colors and Maximum Refresh Rates (HZ)

Resolution 640x480 800x600 1024x768 1152x864 1280x1024 1600x1200
256 colors 60-200 60-200 60-150 60-120 60-100 85
65K colors 60-200 60-200 60-150 60-120 60-100 85
16.7M colors 60-200 60-200 60-150 60-120 60-100 75

Maximum 3D Resolutions

Resolution 4MB 8MB
65K colors 1024x768 1600x1200
16.7M colors 800x600 1280x1024


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