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3Dlabs® continues to strengthen its leadership position in the 3D graphics revolution with the announcement of PERMEDIA 3, the most recent product in 3Dlabs' line of powerful, mainstream graphics processors for games and corporate desktop graphics acceleration.

Combining a powerful 250 million texel/sec dual-textured fill rate, full DirectX 6 and OpenGL 3D feature set and fast AGP2X support, the 128-bit PERMEDIA 3 graphics processor delivers breathtakingly realistic 3D, ultra fast 2D and cutting edge DVD playback and video integration.

PERMEDIA 3's unique 3D core has been designed for full-on single-cycle operations that enable 3D realism and image quality to be cranked up to the max while sustaining high frame rates. Advanced visual effects such as tri-linear mipmapping, bump mapping with a surface texture, and multiple texture blending are all applied in a single pass, without any performance degradation.

With an unrivaled feature set, PERMEDIA 3 is aggressively positioned in the mainstream PC market, enabling PC OEMs, developers and end-users alike to experience awesome, fully-integrated graphics performance at mainstream prices.

PERMEDIA 3 Features and Benefits
250 Million Dual-textured Texels/sec
  • Perspective correct, bilinear filtered

8 Million Submitted Polygons/sec

  • 2 million drawn, textured polygons/sec

Awesome 3D Feature Set

  • Full DirectX 6 feature set
  • Multiple effects per clock cycle
  • 32-bit color representation
  • 32-bit, 16-bit and non-linear Z-buffer
  • True per pixel tri-linear mip-mapping
  • Full blend modes and alpha tests
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Bump mapping
  • Virtual textures
  • Voxel rendering
  • Advanced filtering

Full AGP2X and PCI

16 Mbytes Memory

  • 128-bit Memory bus
  • High resolution 2D & 3D support

Amazing Quality DVD

  • Motion compensation
  • Hardware video overlay
  • Hardware scaling and filtering
  • Colorspace conversion
  • Genlock support for DVD playback

Multi-mode Video Port

  • Simultaneous video in & out
  • 24-bit PanelLink™ compatible LCD port

Highly-Integrated Solution

  • Full geometry setup
  • 270MHz RAMDAC
  • Fast SVGA
  • Power management
  • Full PC98/99 compatibility

High-quality 3Dlabs Drivers

  • Direct 3D
  • OpenGL ICD
  • Windows 95 & 98
  • Windows NT


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