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Ticket To Ride(tm) Accelerator Chip


Award winning 3D rendering for both Direct3D(tm) and OpenGL(tm), the World's fastest 2D performance and full screen MPEG video acceleration - in a single chip. What a way to celebrate our 15th Year at Number Nine Visual Technology!

High Performance 128-bit Visual Acceleration for 3D, 2D, and Video Desktop Applications
  • Number Nine's 3rd generation 128-bit architecture:
    • 3D, 2D and high performance video engine
    • Internal floating point setup engine
    • Display List Processor
    • SVGA Support
  • 1.6 GB Per Second Graphics Memory Bandwidth
  • PCI 33MHz, 66MHz and AGP capable
  • 352 Pin BGA Package
  • 0.35 Micron Standard Cell
  • 128-bit Support for SGRAM, WRAM, or VRAM
  • Memory Configurations to:
    • 24MB SGRAM and WRAM
    • 48MB DRAM/VRAM combination

One Architecture Satisfies Direct3D and OpenGL
  • Chip and drivers optimized for Direct3D
  • Transformed and lit vertices accepted without modification
  • Advanced 3D chip features exposed
  • Chip and software optimized for OpenGL including:
    • Texture Filter Modes
    • Alpha Blending Modes
  • MCD OpenGL Driver

Accelerated 2D Graphics and Video

  • Multi-Pixel Simultaneous Processing
  • 100MHz Single Cycle Memory Controller
  • Block Write Support
  • Pre-Clipped BLTS, Fills, Area Patterns
  • Display list processing for text and graphics
  • 30 frames per second full screen MPEG playback
  • Front End Color Space Conversion
  • Real Time Single Pass Video Scaling in X and Y

Accelerated 3D Graphics and Superior Image Quality with Virtually No Loss of Performance
  • Setup Engine
    • Floating Point Setup Engine
    • Full IEEE Floating Point inputs
    • Hardware Vertex Sorting

  • Texture processing
    • Perspective Corrected Texture Mapping
    • Tri-linear and Bi-linear Filtering
    • 8KB on chip Texture Cache
      - Palletized textures: 4, 2, 1bpt
      - Non-Palletized textures: 32, 16, 8bpt
    • Replace, Decal, Modulate, Blend Texture Modes
  • 3D Display Buffers
    • Double and Triple Display Buffering
    • 32-/24-/16-bit Precision Z-Buffering
    • 5 LOD MIP Mapping in Hardware

  • Atmospheric effects
    • Per Pixel Specular Lighting Effects
    • Per Pixel Interpolated Fogging
    • Per Pixel Alpha Blending and Compare
      - Source and Destination
    • 8x8, 4x4, 2x2 Dithering
    • Gouraud Shading for 3D Triangles and Lines

Imagine 128 Series 2 Chip

The Imagine 128 Series 2 is the second generation in the Imagine family of high performance visual processors. It is implemented in a 0.5 micron 3.3 volt CMOS gate array process. Packaged in a 352 PBGA, (Plastic Ball Grid Array), it provides increased performance and added functionality over its predecessor the Imagine 128 with reduced overall system cost.

The Imagine 128 Series 2 provides a high performance PCI 2.1 compliant interface with no additional external logic required.
The Drawing Engine commands provide all of the normally required operations including: BIT BLT, Line, Triangle, Write Image, and Read Image.
Software may interact with the Imagine 128 Series 2 by directly manipulating pixels through the Memory Windows interface.

The Imagine 128 Series 2 is implemented using a symmetric multi graphic processor (SMGP) architecture. This architecture allows the execution of two drawing commands simultaneously with totally independent parameters.